Page 1: Background

The aim of this survey is to gather information from education and training providers about what is currently delivered in terms of System Dynamics teaching, specifically: aspects relating to the SD competency framework (Schaffernicht & Groesser 2016) and instances where System Dynamics is taught as part of something else.


All responses will be treated anonymously during analysis, and will be collated to inform the round-table discussion about Education and Training in System Dynamics at the annual UK SD conference (5th-6th April 2017). For further information, please contact Dr Jennifer Morgan, Honorary Research Associate, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University {}.

Please respond to the questions from the perspective of an SD educator / trainer

1.1. When you teach SD, is it normally through: Required
b.1.b. A wider programme of study (please specify):
d.1.d. Tailored, job specific training (if part of a wider training, please specify)

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

2.2. Where do you place your level of expertise with SD?

Beginner: Reliant on reference materials; require clear descriptions and general rules for how to manage situations.

Advanced Beginner: Some repertoire of known situations and ability to recognize patterns; able to recall previous instances of similar situations to decide between stocks & flows.

Competent: Able to recognize, prioritize and differentiate patterns or situations; have developed a personal perspective on the modelling process but still require conscious effort to take decisions.

Proficient: Having learnt from a variety of situations, are able to perceive key aspects of a situation; have developed personal principles to determine appropriate action.

Expert: Skills and experience: Proficient with deliberate practice and experience in a number of resolved projects such that they are able to give an immediate intuitive appropriate response.

Master: Skills and extensive experience: Have accumulated a vast amount of experience; are able to articulate their expertise, make it understandable for others in different forms and can teach their knowledge to others.

Master (M)Expert (M)Proficient (P)Competent (C)Advanced Beginner (AB)Beginner (B)
Trainer Expertise
3.3. For what proportion of your main job do you use SD?

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

4.4. How long have you been using and teaching SD?
< One yearOne to five yearsFive to ten years> Ten years

The next pages ask questions relating to the System Dynamics competency framework, a description of which is provided under 'more info'.