Page 1: Organisational skills

1.1. Are you an appraiser in Wales? Required
2.2. In what setting do you mainly appraise doctors? Required
3.3. On average how long does it take you to respond to a doctor’s request for you to become their appraiser? Required
4.4. How long before the meeting do you enter the actual (or indicative) appraisal date on MARS? Required
5.5. When completing your preparation for the appraisal meeting do you allow the lock out period on MARS to pass? Required
6.6. On average how long before an appraisal do you first access the doctor’s appraisal information? Required
7.7. After the meeting how long on average does it take for you to complete and commit a summary? Required
8.8. Do you have difficulty scheduling appraisals due to other commitments? Required