Page 1: Survey Questions

1.1. Which of the following most accurately describes you? (Tick as many as you like)
3.3. Are you receiving cancer treatment at the moment?
4.4. Have you ever told family members or friends that you have contributed to cancer research by donating to the Wales Cancer Biobank?
5.5. Did you have the opportunity to take part in any other cancer research during your diagnosis and/or treatment, or afterwards?

e.g. clinical trial, questionnaire, research project

a.5.a. If YES, please specify: (select all that apply)
6.6. Would you be happy to answer future anonymised questionnaires sent to you via Wales Cancer Biobank?
7.7. Would you be interested in being involved in future research projects, including helping us to work with researchers to develop new ideas, providing a patient voice?

NB. There is no obligation to commit to participating should this be of interest to you. Wales Cancer Biobank will always ensure full understanding of any expectations, so you can make an informed decision about whether to have any involvement with a particular project.

NB. Please re-confirm your preferred email address, even if you have already entered it above for Q1

NB. Comments may be used (anonymously) in reports as quotes from donors