Online Tool: Disclosing Violence and Abuse

The following form can be used to submit an anonymous or identified disclosure about an incident of sexual violence, harassment, hate-crime and/or relationship abuse. You can also disclose any other form of unacceptable behaviour, which may be in breach of the University’s Dignity at Work and Study Policy or Student Behaviour Policy  (Page 341).

Emergencies: If you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if emergency assistance is required: CALL 999.

What will happen to my data? All data collected in your online submission will be held confidentially, securely and within the European Economic Area by Online Surveys which is a service provided by JISC under contract to the University. Your data will normally be retained by Cardiff University, in accordance with Records Management Policy and Records Retention Schedules, for a period of 6 years following the end of your relationship with the service. Some of the information you provide will be anonymised and may be made available to other parts of the University and more widely for statistical and analysis purposes to help inform and improve the services on offer.

Anonymised Disclosures

If you intend to make an anonymised disclosure and would like the opportunity to share information about the barriers to identified disclosure, you can follow this link to complete another short survey.

If you change your mind and want support in the future, please contact us via If you make a note of the date and time you submit this form we will be able to retrieve it.