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NERC is offering summer Research Experience Placements (REPs). By completing this survey, you are proposing a project that will be advertised to undergraduates. The total grant available is £2,500 per placement. Projects should be run remotely.

Please note: the maximum placement cost is £2,500 in total – we are advising a salary restriction of £2,000 to allow you £500 for project costs and student expenses. If your project costs and expenses can be covered from other means, then the salary costs can increase to the maximum of £2,500.

Placement length is for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks, to take place between June and early September 2020.

When calculating the number of hours per week and the number of weeks you can fund, you must take into account that the student MUST receive the living wage plus holiday pay AND that there are on-costs to consider eg National Insurance (which varies according to age and level of salary) AND Admin Costs eg of advertising and paying students’ salaries through JobShop.

For example:

Living Wage hourly rate is currently £9.30 plus holiday pay at 12.07% equals £10.42 per hour paid to the student. Plus there is a Job Shop fee (at Cardiff, others may differ) of 90p per hour, and employer’s contribution to National Insurance if applicable (this is zero for under 21’s, but for over-21s is 13.8% on earnings of over £166 per week, but note this is a cumulative total so can be affected by employment in other departments or external jobs).

The proposed REP projects must:

  • have a clearly defined objective.
  • be within the science remit of NERC (preferably freshwater bioscience).
  • entail project or training expenses of no more than £500
  • be feasible for a student  to complete within the timescale of the award.
  • include more than purely a computer/modelling component i.e. some element of fieldwork, data collection, activity to give an understanding of the wider context etc.
  • give scope for thought and initiative on the part of the student and should not use the student as a general assistant.
  • be based at an eligible UK research organisation.


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