Page 1: Before you begin

Thank you for your interest in studying for your PhD with the GW4 BioMed MRC Doctoral Training Partnership.

The deadline for applications is 9am on Thursday 8th June 2017. Once you have applied you will need to arrange a meeting with your chosen supervisors (in person or via phone/video call) to discuss the project and your application, between 9th and 16th June.

Please note: This application is for an 'Offer of Funding'. You will also need to gain an 'Offer to Study' from your chosen University/Universities by completing their institutional application process. 

The GW4 BioMed Management Board will shortlist candidates on the basis of an anonymised version of this application, against the following criteria:

  • proven academic quality: normally evidenced by an excellent performance at first degree and/or Master’s level, but may also be demonstrated by a record of relevant professional practice;
  • research potential: evidenced through application responses and supported by performance in research projects at first degree and/or Master’s level, or another form of dedicated preparation for research;
  • personal motivation and commitment: evidenced through application responses, by enthusiasm for the project area, and in relation to career goals.

All applicants will be informed of the shortlisting outcome by the 26th June 2017.

If you are shortlisted you will need to:

  • submit two references and a copy of your academic transcript(s) by 0900 on 29th June 2017;
  • attend an interview in Cardiff on 30th June 2017.

Further details will be included in the shortlisting letter.