Page 1: What do you think about Grange Gardens Bowls Pavilion?

Grangetown residents are working towards applying for a Community Asset Transfer to convert Grange Gardens Bowls Pavilion (‘Grange Pavilion’) and grounds into a vibrant and welcoming facility for, and by, Grangetown communities. A partnership between Cardiff University, Grange Pavilion Project and Grangetown Community Action has led to a temporary license from Cardiff Council, allowing initial improvements to get the building up and running to test community-led activities. Funding applications are now being made for long term renovations. There is a long way to go to realise the vision of offering a fantastic, active and community-led facility. Could you help in making this vision a reality?

Tell us what you think by completing this survey. 


Section 1: Grange Gardens Park

1.1. How often do you visit/use Grange Gardens? 
2.2. Where do you live?
3.3. Who accompanies you to the park? (Tick all that apply)
5.5. What do you like to do when you visit the park? (Please tick all that apply) 

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

6.6. Please rate the quality of the following aspects of the park (please tick N/A if unsure): 

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Internal Accessibility
Personal Safety
Standard of natural environment
Information and interpretation
Litter management
Provision for children
Provision for youth
Site features
Site buildings
Freedom from dog fouling
Site furniture
Parks staff
7.7. What prevents you from fully enjoying the park, including issues that if tackled would make you use the park more often? (Please tick all that apply)