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The impact of COVID 19 on the employment and training of disabled lawyers in England and Wales: opportunities for job-redesign and best practice

Are you a disabled person, or someone with a long-term health condition? Are you applying for or in training or applying for or in employment in the legal profession? If so, this survey is for you.

Funded by The Law Society of England and Wales, this survey has been produced by Professor Debbie Foster of Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University in partnership with Dr Natasha Hirst (of the Legally Disabled research team: and members of the Lawyers with Disabilities Division (LDD) Committee of The Law Society. It has been approved by the ethics committee of Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University (application 1920036).

The purpose of the research is to collect and evaluate data about the experiences of disabled members of the solicitors’ profession during the coronavirus pandemic and identify lessons that can be learnt for future practice in the profession. The survey asks questions about the experiences of disabled people in the profession during lockdown and post-lockdown, with the objective of informing best practice for future potential lockdowns and to evidence aspects of remote working that could benefit disabled people in the profession in the long term. Data collected will contribute to a report and future publications.

Given the impact of Covid19 on different characteristics it is important that you complete the diversity monitoring survey at the end.

The survey is entirely anonymous. By submitting this survey you are consenting to take part in the study. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary but once you have submitted your reply it is not possible to withdraw from the study because it will not be possible to trace your individual response.

The survey allows you to omit any questions you do not wish to answer. It is possible to save and return to the survey by clicking on the 'finish later' link that appears at the bottom of each page of questions.

If you would like to discuss the survey or have any concerns about it please contact the principal investigator Professor Debbie Foster (

We anticipate that it will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete this survey. There will be an opportunity at the end of to include comments on any issues you feel are not included.

If you require the survey in an accessible format please contact Dr Natasha Hirst in confidence:

Thank you for participating in this research.